Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ixthuluh - 2014 - Some Chimeras

Some Chimeras

01. Das Ist Es (2:15)
02. Soft Velvet (6:58)
03. Boring Sunday (8:19)
04. Well-Disposed Lindworm (9:28)
05. Chamberrock Part 1 (8:28)
06. Superpsych (17:49)

- Dita Lasser / guitars, bass (6), vocals
- James Geiblinger / bass (1,2,3)
- Max Wedl / sax, flute, percussion
- Mud Shurko / drums, bass (4,5)

This is typical Ixthuluh food, extended fusion-jams far out. However, and this is surprising, is the fact that the recording quality of this CD is much better than that, what Ixthuluh published 10 years ago. No idea where they unearthed this stuff. The music is not very different from the earlier recordings, but the better sound makes it much more pleasant by listening to these unconventional pieces. Especially Track 4 (the well disposed Lindworm starts like a Pop-Song and develops to fusion underground) and the Chamber Rock session (a wild mixture without any style) I like. This is really wild Kraut. Musically more catchy are the first three tracks, this is more fusion, similar to the first Ixthuluh release "Yes We Are A Jazzband". But more interesting I find the following thren tracks. The endlessly long closing track Superspych goes underground, as if Fat Freddy's Cat does a Zen meditation (10 hours motionless). Anyway, an interesting extension of Ixthuluh, I would not mind if they dig more of this better recorded material.



  2. Drago nice job of finding this band. I have the tea at two mp3 but never know of the rest. Thanks for all your work.