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Ixthuluh - 2006 - This Was, The Craft Of Ixthuluh

This Was, The Craft Of Ixthuluh

01. Medley (11:15)
02. Flowers, Stones and early Morning (10:32)
03. Hell's Jazz (5:22)*
04. Sadly (1:48)*
05. Sleep Song in Rain and Meadow (6:22)
06. So Sad (2:30)
07. Love Pain (2:53)
08. Camel Trophy Through Seven Dirty Puddels (5:56)
09. Sailor's Dream (10:17)
10. Skating in Moonlight (3:54)
11. Desert Nights (10:35)
12. Rock and Work (2:07)

- Dita Lasser / electric & acoustic guitar, e-bass, keyboards, lead vocals
- Ernst Matscheko / drums, percussion, bass, delay, devices
- James Geiblinger / bass
- Max Wedl / saxophone
- Michael Brandstetter / drums
- Adi Nimmerfall / flute, keyboards
- Pez / percussioin
- Werner Katzmair / guitar
- E.P. Kirch / bass, guitar, vocals
Releases information

remastered from the four regular albums
(ex. track* , previously unreleased)

This compilation shows the bow of the musical way the band went through the years' comments Ernst Matscheko who administrates the musical (and spiritual) heritage of the band. 10 tracks were offered from the four regular albums 'Yes, We Are A Jazz Band', 'No Money For A Radio', 'Tea At Two' and 'What's The Name'. Some of them are newly remixed. Additionally we also have two previously unreleased tracks as a 'candy for the hardcore fans'. So at the end the band IXTHULUH presents nearly 75 minutes with improvised music which are standing for a turbulent phase in the 70s. Very experimental and unique according to the situation the band recorded the songs. Well - is it Krautrock from Austria or 'only' Psych? Everybody has to find the right answer on his own.

The album starts with a Medley of excerpts from the first release - very jazz rock oriented jams with a differing sound quality. Flowers, Stones and Early Morning - taken from the second album - is obviously more psych driven and therefore represents a change in the musical direction - my personal favourite. With Hell's jazz and Sadly, the previously unreleased tunes, the band has finally arrived the heavy psych universe. Ambient sounds are following sometimes accompanied by a mysterious psychotic saxophone. Skating in moonlight finally remarks a change to a better sound quality and a more grooving sound back to the jazz rock roots a little bit.

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