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Ixthuluh - 1981 - What's The Name

What's The Name

01. In The Bushes (4:56)
02. Start Our Fuzzy Dreams (5:45)
03. Fewa Blues (3:01)
04. Velvet (3:18)
05. Hornet In A Bee's Basket (3:02)
06. Synthetic Heaven (3:35)
07. Visit From Town (6:12)
08. Strings (6:38)
09. Camel Trophy Through Seven Dirty Puddels (5:56)
10. Sailor's Dream (10:17)
11. Skating In Moonlight (3:54)
12. Desert Nights (10:35)
13. Gefudel For The End (1:49)

- Dita Lasser / guitar, bass, keyboard, lead vocals, sounds
- Ernst Matscheko / drums, percussion, bass, delay, sounds
- Adi Nimmerfall / flute, keyboards
- Werner Katzmair / guitar
- E.P. Kirch / bass, guitar, vocals

This album is pleasure and imposition together, you sometimes have the impression that the musicians deride the listener. Anyhow they take no consideration and play a music which is once so blandishing and intuitive like " Sailors Dream " or " Desert Nights " and then, again, rumbling, unpolished and even coarse like in " Hornet in a Bees Basket " or " Camel Trophy Through Seven Dirty Puddel " where you must pay attention that you get no dirty ears.You can nowhere buy this record, the real musical adventurer must download it, the group puts the material entirely into the band's website, but the musical explorer should consider my warnings. An explosive mixture of audible and hardly digestible, 3 stars nevertheless, because it is interesting anyway.

The last album of Ixthuluh leaves a mixed impression. Near some krautrock pearls like "Camel Trophy" or "Gefudel For The End" is also found average. Unfortunately, some absolutely strong pieces also suffer from the bad recording quality, like "Sailor's Dream" or "Velvet".

The album, nevertheless, is altogether certainly worth listening, with pieces which one has never heared before. The band shear yourself a mud (again) around hearing habits and with "Hornet In A Bee's Basket" the listener on a bad test is put.

The quiet "Desert Nights" with Adi Nimmerfalls flutes or Werner Katzmair with "Gefudel For The End" show the strenght of the guest's musicians with whom Ixthuluh has appeared gladly and often.

I individually like the nonorthodox and self-willed "Camel Trophy Through Seven Dirty Puddels" in the best. This is Ixthuluh offroad-sound real how it has aroused enthusiasm live mostly.

And "Start Our Fuzzy Dreams", the real opener of the album ("In The Bushes" is, actually, more a percussions gag than a number) - a journey is worth, too. The group there plays off their strengths with plainest stylistic devices.

Nothing for sound purists, but nice for adventurer.

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