Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ixthuluh - 1980 - Tea At Two

Tea At Two

01. Welcome, Touch Me (6:28)
02. Sittin` On My Lonely Chair (12:05)
03. Forbidden Fruits (23:53)
04. Steelmill And Animal (1:54)
05. So Sad (2:30)
06. Orange Garden (3:00)
07. Love Pain (2:53)
08. The Long Trail To Gila Bridge (24:30)

- Dita Lasser / guitar, bass, lead vocals, sounds
- Ernst Matscheko / drums, percussion, bass, delay, sounds
- Pez / drums
- Werner Katzmair / guitar
- E.P. Kirch / bass, guitar, vocals
- Max Wedl / saxophone in So Sad

This album is the masterpiece of the group. Ixthuluh has earned a place in the annals of krautrock with this song collection. The album lives from outstanding electric guitars and the play with associated devices like reverb and delay. The extremely unconventional music arises how with Ixthuluh usually, from a largely free teamwork in which the musicians change and serve different instruments. These changes prove a very various album interacting, however, stylistically as a closed unity and appears matching, anyhow. The sketchy music which one knows from the other Ixthuluh albums also exists here, but, nevertheless, the pieces appear little bit more compact and less accidental on this album. The numbers from very quiet, almost meditative guitar electronic sounds, by the way played completely without keyboards, remind of the German sound handicraft enthusiasts from the early krautrock days, while with "The Long Trail To Gila Bridge" an increasingly wild rock piece executes nearly 25 minutes, orientated by no model, and expels Werner Katzmair as a marathon man on the E-guitar. In between shorter songs are found like "Love Pain", a piece that remainds me of the small songs of the early Pink Floyd. The mixture of it proves an album, which leaves me, if it has elapsed finishedly, behind again with a certain astonishment and this lingers. Should not be absent in any Krautrock collection!

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