Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ixthuluh - 1979 - No Money For A Radio

No Money For A Radio

01. Rubber Rope To Repose After Storm (6:04)
02. Bass James Lost (2:27)
03. Can Jubilee For A New House (4:54)
04. Slippery Ways To Cows And Fences (4:17)
05. December Snow Night (16:47)
06. Flowers, Stones And Early Morning (11:32)
07. The Orbiters (5:30)
08. Surfin' Boomerangs (8:35)
09. Offroader (3:25)
10. Sleep Song In Rain And Meadow (6:22)
11. Rock And Work (2:07)

- Dita Lasser / guitar, bass, drums, lead vocal
- Max Wedl / saxophone, flute, percussion
- Ernst Matscheko / drums, percussion, bass
- Werner, Gerlinde, Ritschi, u.a. / background vocals, percussion

- E.P. Kirch / bass, guitar, vocals
- Pez / percussion
- W. Katzmair / guitar

A three-year break since the anterior debut album have changed the style of the group completely. From the jazzily fusion band a psychedelic krautrock band has become. What remained are the sketchily numbers which sometimes look rather unfinished. But the sound of the band which appears finished and compact already in the following album " Tea At Two " a year ago begins to accept clearly form. Pieces like "Flowers, Stones and Early Morning", "Surfin' Boomerangs" or "Sleep Song" begin to fly and show the group in a new light. And with numbers like "Rock and Work" they show that they also can rock off. The album is no masterpiece certainly, but it shows a group on the way, and generally known the way is the aim. Sure interesting for all which gladly venture forward in musical new territory and enjoy in psychedelic krautrock.

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