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Ixthuluh - 1976 - Yes, We Are A Jazzband

Yes, We Are A Jazzband

01. Wood Cutters (1:08)
02. Themes Cool (6:40)
03. The Drive (1:24)
04. It's Cool (12:48)
05. You Can Be Free (2:37)
06. Yes, We Are A Jazzband (9:09)
07. Black Aschbach (5:00)
08. It Cools So, Jessy (9:36)
09. Konglomerat (6:13)
10. The Ride (3:20)
11. Spring Air (9:30)
12. Dancing In Rain (2:42)
13. Illegal Travel (3:27)
14. Greetings From Cowstable (4:49)

- James Geiblinger / bass
- Dita Lasser / vocals , guitar
- Michael Brandstetter / drums
- Max Wedl / saxes

An Austrian band playing in a Kraut-oriented style.Formed in 1975 in Amstetten they were led by Dita Lasser on guitars/vocals, James Geiblinger on bass, Max Wedl on saxophone and Michael Brandstetter on drums, but the Ixthuluh name, derived from H.P. Lovecraft's ''The call of Cthuluh'', appeared only around April 1976, after the members used Konglomerat, Stoerfaktor and Farmer as alternative options.Recordings from the band's early days (late 75'-early 77') were saved, remastered and offered for free in 2005

The presented material clocks at around 80 minutes and propably comes from one-shot studio rehearsals, as the sounds has this live feeling, but the quality is quite decent.The long tracks are good examples of instrumental Kraut-Jazz Rock in the vein of KRAAN with some ethnic and plenty of psychedelic passages, fairly based on the JOHANNES PAPPERT-like show of saxophonist Max Wedl and the rough, jazzy guitar scratches of Dita Lasser.Nothing to get excited about, but these pieces are typical of the Kraut Rock scene, featuring impressive improvisations, great guitar and sax battles and interesting solos over hypnotic, psychedelic grooves.If you like KRAAN's productions circa 1970-75, you will love Ixthuluh's jazzy executions.Inbetween these extended performances there are several pieces in a more Psychedelic Rock style, some of them feature vocals and the sax is generally absent for a rockier and edgier style.Again the recordings are pretty cool with some jazzy and bluesy influences in the guitar workouts and most of them are driven by sharp lead guitars and frenetic solos, which lack personality, but are performed nonetheless with passion.

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