Sunday, February 21, 2016

Intersystems - 1968 - Free Psychedelic Poster Inside

Free Psychedelic Poster Inside


Tracklisting on Original LP

01. Untitled    6:35
02. Untitled    5:32
03. Untitled    1:55
04. Untitled    7:52
05. Untitled    9:08
06. Untitled    8:23
07. Untitled    1:32
08. Untitled    4:11
09. Untitled    5:27

Tracklisting on LP Reissue

01. Mirror Maze 06 :25
02. Red Strobe, Green Strobe 05 :09
03. Blue Strobe 02 :14
04. White Strobe 02 :20
05. Changing Colours 03 :54
06. Floating Room 07 :29
07. Pastoral 08 :23
08. Fog Room 04 :28
09. Kaleidoscope 06 :37
10. Confetti Room 02 :51

John Mills-Cockell
Blake Parker
Michael Hayden
Dik Zander

First released in 1968 as a privately pressed 30cm 33 RPM LP.
Cover design based on the original album art by Michael Hayden.
The title is also given in French ["A L'Interieur Un Poster Psychedelique Gratuit"] on the booklet cover, but nowhere else.

As the experimental electronic duo Intersystems, synthesizer pioneer John Mills-Cockell and performance poet Blake Parker put out three records in the late 1960s: the relatively acoustic Number One and the synth-laden Peachy for Jack Boswell's Allied Records in 1967, as well as the self-released Free Psychedelic Poster Inside the following year. The totally futuristic sounds on Free Psychedelic... were actually part of an architectural installation at the Mind Excursion Centre in Montreal on July 8, 1968 involving Michael Hayden (album art design and lighting for installations) and Dik Zander (architecture for installations).

The nine untitled tracks on Free Psychedelic... take Mills-Cockell's experimentation - an ambient array of humming, pulsating and oscillating synthesizer sounds - and set them as backdrops to Parker's spoken word narrations. Parker wryly introduces us to "a plastic boy and girl. His name is Gordie. Her name is Renee", who are thrust into the ordinary world of love, marriage, suburbia, drudgery, etc. Meanwhile, Mills-Cockell wrings sundry squeals and drones from his synths, unsettling sounds that must have been anathema to the peace-and-love world at the time.

Parker pressed on for some forty years with his post-Beat poetry until his passing in 2007. And after a brief stint with well-known hippie faves the Kensington Market on their sophomore Aardvark LP, Mills-Cockell would go on to form the criminally ignored electronic trio Syrinx, releasing their spacy debut on True North in 1970. A less-pricy though equally hard-to-track-down CD version of Free Psychedelic Poster Inside was reissued on the German Streamline label in 1994.



  2. The real question is : is there indeed a free psychedelic poster inside ?