Thursday, February 18, 2016

Colette Magny & André Almuró - 1966 - Avec Poème

Colette Magny & André Almuró 
Avec Poème

01. Poème   
02. Poème   

Music By – André Almuro
Voice – Colette Magny, Pierre Frilay

A very rare LP of Colette Magny accompanied by André Almuró,released in 1966.Fantastic music concrete accompanying Magny's poems.Saw it selling for 500 EURO!



  2. Everyone should know: this is a really shitty upload. So, Drago, it appears that you took the 128 kbps rip posted on Ezhevika Fields January 30 ( and also available sporadically on Soulseek, and transcoded it to look like 320 kbps. A simple spectral analysis reveals the fraudulent nature of your upload—there's a hard frequency cutoff at 16 kHz. Is this a one-off—maybe sourced from a third party whose honesty you didn't bother to check—or are you faking the quality of all your uploads?

    1. This is the way I downloaded these files some time ago from rutracker I have zero understanding of technichal mumbo jumbo and frequencies and stuff, but if its a bloated up 128 file, it was not done by me. And if so I apologize to you for the terrible pain inflicted to your ears and wallet, funny enough I downloaded it as a flac and downsampled it to 320... so somewhere out there there must be a couple of losless audio freaks really but really pissed off with their mp3@128 sourced flacs... well if anyone out there has a better quality copy of this stuff, please help me and specially George out. So that he can e happy and stops calling me names every time he gets his panties in a twist ("fraudulent nature of my upload" you would think I just lied to his wife to get her in bed)... thank you in advance guys and girls

  3. if she was hot and I was still single and not celebrating my 11th wedding anniversary this week, I probably would do something fraudulent to bed her... but c'mon George... this, I do for fun and for my close friends (and it sort of got out of hand)... not because I have some dark fraudulent agenda... lol

  4. Apart from anything, Drago rules supreme in my book, surpassing all music bloggers by a country mile...