Monday, February 8, 2016

Ars Nova - 1969 - Sunshine & Shadows

Ars Nova 
Sunshine & Shadows

01. Sunshine & Shadows — 3:09
02. I Was Once — 3:01
03. Temporary Serenade — 3:05
04. She Promises Everything — 3:22
05. Well, Well, Well — 3:00
06. You Had Better Listen — 4:07
07. Round Once Again — 3:22
08. Walk On The Sand — 6:26
09. Rubbish — 3:34
10. Please Don’t Go Now — 5:54

Wyatt Day — guitar, vocals
Sam Brown — lead guitar
Joe Hunt — drums, percussion
Art Koenig — bass
Jimmy Owens — trumpet
Jon Pierson — bass trombone, vocals
Warren Bernhardt — keyboards

"Sunshine & Shadows" is one of the most unique sounding late 60's efforts put to wax. An early example of "Jazz-Rock" fusion of sorts, this release boasts the talents of Wyatt Day who sings and writes pretty satisfying lyrics, Sam Brown, who provides lead guitar, Jimmy Owens, who plays some very tasty trumpet, and Warren Bernhardt, who adds a nice keyboard timbre. All in all this album has a great deal of variety ranging from "Old-Timey" sounding tunes like "Rubbish" to delicate statements like "She Promises Everything" to powerful rock items like the title track and "Please Don't Go Now." Do yourself a favor and pick this recording up, put it in an auto cd player - turn up the volume and cruise down the highway! The alternative is to invite friends over for a get-together and turn them on to this neglected fusion masterpiece! A must have!



  2. Nothing on this album makes it "an early example of Jazz-Rock fusion" as the Amazon reviewer calls it. More like an adroit blend of folk, rock and classical music. with a couple of detours into bossa nova and horn-driven jazz-tinged rock. The Move could easily have covered 2/3 of the songs here and bettered them as they did with "Fields of People" from the first Ars Nova lp... while none of the performances approach Roy Wood's charisma or power, there are some strong similarities in the musical styles presented. Anyone who likes The Beatles or melodic eclectic late 60s pop-rock should give this a listen. Thanks for these Ars Nova albums.