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Archimedes Badkar & Afro 70 Band - 1978 - Bado Kidogo

Archimedes Badkar & Afro 70 Band 
Bado Kidogo

01. Kila Mtu (Everybody) (6:09)
02. Kwa Vile Nakupenda (Because I Love You) (5:33)
03. Nimashaka (Doubts) (5:41)
04. Bado Kidogo (Not Yet) (4:07)
05. Leo Harusi (Wedding Day) (3:59)
06. Darafo/ Darkpen (Funeral Music From Ghana) (12:28)

Tommy Adolfsson - trumpet, drums
Jörgen Adolfsson - violin, sax, recorder, mandolin, acoustic guitar
Christer Bjernelind - bass, percussion, mandolin, guitar, piano
Per Tjernberg - keyboards, clarinet, percussion
Pysen Eriksson - vibraphone, percussion (1-3)
Kjell Andersson - percussion, clarinet (1-2)
Peter Rönnberg - guitar (1)
Mats Hellqvist - guitar, bass (1)
Bengt Berger - percussion (2-4)
Peter Ragnarsson - tablas (2-3)
Ingvar Karkoff - keyboards, vocals, guitar (2)
Anita Livstrand - tambura (2)
Kjell Westling - flute, bouzouki (2)
Christer Bothén - sax
Sigge Krantz - guitar, bass
Dick Unga - Congas, vocals
Patrick Balisidya - Electric Guitar, vocals
Sophie Nzuki-Balisidya - Shekere, vocals

 Archimedes badkar's fourth and final record is a co-operation with the Tanzanian band Afro 70. It was released in 1978 on MNW records. I must say it's quite different music from my point of view. When they earlier played world music I felt it wasn't real. I prefer african music from african bands and opposite and this felt constrained. I don't say you can't get inspiration from very corner of the musical world but for my personal taste it's a part of being original to begin in your motherhood. On this record the world music becomes more real because of the collaboration with Afro 70. It works well but still I am not content, perhaps it's just not my cup of tea. In tea I prefer teas like Sir William, Fortmason or Lapsong Souchong.
Well...This album "Bado Kidogo" contains good work from great musicians. Especially the blow instruments dominates. On track is wonderful; I am talking about the title track "Bado Kidogo" with a wonderful melody in both verses and refrain and great solo from the saxophone players. Also "Kila mtu" shows something of the best here with wonderful song and trumpets. "DarafoDarkpen" is perhaps the most obvious jazz tune here. It's long and seems improvised. i would call it a jazz orgy, so sure it will gain fans, it people would hear it. Though, I don't like it. There are nice vibes from Africa in "Kwa vile Nakupenda", "Nimashaka" and "Leo Harusi" and they show different aspects of our big musical world.
I break ranks with most Archimedes Badkar fans when I don't bemoan their dramatic shift to the Fela Kuti sound on their fourth album, because they totally nail it here!  In fact, by a small margin I rate this higher than the first three albums and all their unique Krautrocky goodness. Let the hatemail be

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