Monday, February 8, 2016

Anubis - 1983 - Anubis


01. Diamantina    3:33   
02. Métronomie    2:58   
03. Regarde En Bas    2:50   
04. Génération Électrique    2:35   
05. Jouez La Préhistoire Du Futur    5:23   
06. Échec Et Mat    3:55   
07. Palais Sans Porte    6:09   
08. Enfants De Quatre-Vingt-Dix    3:15   
09. Anubis (Moyen Age Puissance Quatre)    5:35   

- Christian Gravit (bass, vocals, synthesizer)
- William Roudil (drums, percussion, vocals)
- Marc Lailler (guitar, vocals)
- Pierre Videcoq (vocals, flute)

ANUBIS comes within this new trend in French rock influenced at the same time by the "old" French school represented by ANGE, ATOLL, MONA LISA and by current French rock and songs. The group offers a music based on carefully selected vocal harmonies, the singer's high voice and the energetic straightforward themes during which the guitarist plays some very good, original and elaborate solos.



  2. Wow, you're posting so much interesting stuff I can't keep up! I will check this out just for the cover.
    Can I refresh my request for a repost of Joel Dugrenot's Boomerang, and post of Nuova Idea's first album? Also wondering if you have the CD versions of Baris Manco - 2023 and Ngozi Family - 45000 Volts?