Monday, February 8, 2016

André Demay - 1980 - Generic

André Demay 

01. Generic Cycle 5:50
02. Nervous Structure 4:50
03. Musical Syntax 4:20
04. Sybarite Island 4:50
05. Private Entrance 5:15
06. Telepathically Yours 4:30
07. Razzia Man 4:35
08. Automatic Stop 5:00

Guitars - Andre Demay
Bass – Jannick Top
Drums – Joe Hammer
Guitar – André Demay
Percussion – Fred Desplan
Synthesizer – Celmar Engel

In terms of music, think Patrick Moraz' Story of I as interpreted by Heldon and Jannick Top and I think you can get a rough idea, a mix of electronic and jazz fusion with excellent synthesis or heterosis (hybrid vigour) as the biologists would say, including great guitar effects and some really throbbing (erect?) bass (as the cliche goes). The song "Private Entrance" in particular really sounds like a Jannick Top late-fusion song, full of odd vocal effects, great jumping bass figures. Or perhaps imagine if Michel Moulinie's masterpiece Chrysalide was played twice as fast and twice as deep with a ton of heavy drums due to several complaints about its wimpy nature, or maybe if some drunk and crazy deejay wanted to use it for house techno trance electro-jungle music or whatever it's called, tritones and dissonances and all, horrifying the partiers with progressive music their small and simplistic ears could never handle... Or perhaps think Stravinsky as played by a US-made flamethrower educated at Juilliard with some extra lessons from jazz great Herbie Hancock (in his fusion period) who however is the reincarnated electric guitar maker Les Paul after he was killed in a bizarre industrial accident involving an electric kazoo and a robotic amplifier made at MIT by the artificial intelligence lab headed by Walt Disney's head in suspended animation, recently revitalized by area 51's extraterrestrial metabolism lab... I think you get the point.

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