Monday, February 8, 2016

André Almuró - 1969 - Kosmos - Musiques expérimentales

André Almuró 
Kosmos - Musiques expérimentales

01. Va-Et-Vient   
02. Mantra 107   
03. Phonolithe   
04. Prolégosphère

Composed By, Performer – André Almuro

4 compositions from 1966 to 1969.
Blue and orange cover editions. The inner sleeve is printed with a bright splash of color and shows thru die cut holes in the front of the outer jacket

Somewhere between " AMM " and the "Hafler trio". try to imagine the sound track to an old haunted house movie, but done in outer's got some academic charm , seasoned with enough outsider edge on it , to keep collectors of the strange and unusual very pleased. ....It's not the most " oddball " thing I've ever heard , but considering it was done in 1969....I give it some very well deserved respect....!

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