Monday, February 8, 2016

André Almuró - 1966 - Poésie de Cruauté

André Almuró 
Poésie de Cruauté

01. Le Théâtre De La Cruauté (Ext)    3:30
02. Éxode (Ext. Poème Électronique ? 5)    5:20
03. L’Enfant Stanton    6:20
04. Le Camarade    2:20
05. Garde À Vous Au Couchant    2:30
06. Phonolithe (Pièce Musicale)    7:30
07. Androgyne Asiatique Adolescent (Ext)    5:40
08. Un Chant D’Amour (Ext)    2:30

Music By, Producer – André Almuro
Read By – Jean Bollery, Pierre Frilay
Vocals – Jocelyn Faye

André Almuro (1927-2009) was a painter, poet and composer, member of the Pierre Schaeffer's GRM and friend of the french surrealist scene. He composed some of the best radio-adaptations of french litterature (Artaud, Genet, Hugo for example).
He worked with Mouloudji (political singer, Boris Vian's collaborator) and discovered the young Pierre Clémenti before he became the french cinema's black star.
In this record, Almuro composed the music for the texts by Antonin Artaud, Jean Genet, Jean Cocteau, Federico Garcia Lorca and himself.
Very strange and dark matter. Highly recommended for the fans of Jacques Doyen, Musique Concrete, Spoken World and AliceRabbit !



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