Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ансамбль Мелодия – 1974 – Лабиринт

Ансамбль Мелодия

01. Лабиринт
02. Марина
03. Ленкорань
04. Огненная река
05. Labyrinth
06. Marina
07. The City Of Lenkoran
08. Fiery River

Georgi Caranian: Viola, Sax, Synth
Alexei Zubov: Saxes
Konstantin Nosov: Trumpet
Gennadi Petrov: Trumpet
Konstantin Bakholdin: Trombone
Leonti Cherniak: Bass Trombone
Boris Frumkin: Piano
Alexander Bukholtz: Guitar
Igor Kantyukov: Bass
Alexander Simonovski: Percussions

Melodiya Ensemble - 1974 – Labirinth

Sort of the house band for the Soviet state label Melodia. For most of the album, it’s a pretty groovin’ jazz album, with some funky and rockier bits. But the opening track is an eye opener. I haven’t heard this much solo fuzz bass since the debut from SBB (which was also from 1974). I’m wondering if they felt emboldened to display such subversive sounds after hearing it come from one of the satellite states? Like many Russian albums, the Cyrillic can be translated a number of ways and you’ll see this album listed as the Melodia Ensemble, Melodiya Ensemble, and many other combinations. As far as I know, this one didn’t get a reissue like most of the 1980s Melodia albums did (Gorizont, In Spe, Gunesh Ensemble, Kaseke, etc..). Nice to see the Soviets were able to groove in the 70s like everyone else - at least a little bit anyway.

Reissued by Melodia (Russia) as a beginning part of the compilation: George Garanian - "All that Jazz".

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