Sunday, January 10, 2016

The American Breed - 1968 - Pumpkin Powder Scarlet Green

The American Breed 
Pumpkin Powder Scarlet Green

01. Pumpkin    0:58
02. Cool It, (We're Not Alone)    2:14
03. Welcome, You're In Love    2:40
04. The Right To Cry    3:06
05. Ready, Willing And Able    2:26
06. Take Me If You Want Me    2:24
07. Powder    0:44
08. Scarlet    1:07
09. Anyway That You Want Me    2:24
10. Master Of My Fate    2:23
11. Music To Think By    2:20
12. Train On A One-Track Mind    2:10
13. I'm Gonna Make You Mine    2:15
14. Green    0:47

The words" psychedelic opus" come to mind for this one! Long deemed "bubblegum" and/or "blue-eyed soul", the American Breed pulled out all the stops on this prolific beast.
Step 1. Find the most colorful dayglo suits you can find complete with ascots and love beads.
Step 2. Create four songs dealing with the seasons and assign each member one psudeonym.
Step 3. Buy a Coral Electric Guitar and use it on the most blistering song of your career ("Master of My Fate").
Step 4. Redo the Troggs' classic "Anyway That You Want Me", turning it into a totally different sound arrangement.
Step 5. Release the most misunderstood/unknown lp in Chicago's history.

This band were the Godfathers of other horn/jazz-rock groups like Chicago, Ides of March, Chase,
Lighthouse, Blood Sweat & Tears, and many others but never get much credit. The great thing about the Breed is that they never went overboard with the brass i.e. no long saxaphone solos or trombones
blarring out. More like a nice driving trumpet ala. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass.

This album will linger in your mind forever after one play and needs to be overhauled with an official cd version. Chicago rock never dies.



  2. Thanks Drago. This is a band who deserved more success than they got. Also, I like psych albums by non psych bands.