Sunday, January 10, 2016

The American Breed - 1968 - The Lonely Side Of The City

The American Breed
The Lonely Side Of The City

01. Always You    2:12
02. Love Is Just A State Of Mind    2:43
03. New Games To Play    2:21
04. Walls    2:30
05. I've Got To Get You Off My Mind    2:21
06. To Put Up With You    2:30
07. Another Bad Morning    2:55
08. What Can You Do When You're Lonely    3:10
09. River Of No Regrets    3:11
10. Partners In Life    3:06
11. Out In The Cold Again    2:39

The final American Breed album is as gloomy inside as it looks outside on the cover. This isn't a negative review by any means. Each track seems to be a puzzle piece in the life of a depressed person.
"Always You" begins with a bass guitar played with a pick and that signature snare drum sound. Enter some sparse piano chords and Gary's fragile voice.
The album progresses into more flowery topics but always leans toward the sadness in relationships. Their version of Paul Williams' "To Put Up With You" (also found on Paul's debut lp) is watered-down bubblegum. Complete with "bum-bum-bum-bum" sing a long refrain. "Another Bad Morning" could have easily been rerecorded by Roxy Music, for it sounds just like them. "Partners in Life" is very reminiscent of The Beatles "Elenore Rigby" dealing with old age and death.

Who knows what would have been had the Breed stayed together long enough for another lp? They did manage to release 2 more monsterous flop singles "Hunky Funky" A Chuck Colbert sung soul jumper and  "Private Zoo" a sizzling acid-rock-lite
tune with fuzz guitar. A cd reissue has to come out someday