Sunday, January 10, 2016

The American Breed - 1968 - Bend Me Shape Me

The American Breed 
Bend Me Shape Me


01. Green Light 2:15
02. Don't It Make You Cry 3:10
03. Mindrocker 2:38
04. Bird 2:39
05. Something You've Got 2:47
06. Don't Make Me Leave You 2:18
07. Bend Me, Shape Me 2:25
08. Before and After 2:45
09. Sometime in the Morning 2:20
10. I've Been Tryin' 3:05
11. No Easy Way Down 3:20

Bass, Vocals – Chuck Colbern
Drums, Trumpet, Vocals – Lee Grazanio
Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals – Gary Loizzo
Rhythm Guitar, Vocals – Al Ciner

Their second album contained their massive hit "Bend Me Shape Me" (ironically, British horn-driven band AMEN CORNER, also recorded this song).
It's strange how different they looked in one year's passing. They must have had a makeover at the hands of Dot Records management.
The songs are far better than on the first album.
Their version of The Monkees' "Sometimes in the Morning" is just as good as Micky Dolenz's sung classic. Their version of Chuck Jackson's "Something You Got" smokes! Containing a stop-start drum break "Don't give the drummer some, give it to me!!!"  Their version of The Impressions' "I've Been Trying" can bring you to tears.

The rest of the album is top-notch gritty Chicago garage rock. I can't give more honors to this classic!



  2. I was deep into the psychedelic San Francisco sound at the time, but "Bend Me, Shape Me" somehow struck a cord. I can't remember the last time I heard it, though it's got to be at least 20 years. I am looking forward to hearing it and the rest of the album. Many thanks!


  3. Agreed that it's a great single, and I'm impressed by the quality of the vocals and arrangements. Thank you!