Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Alan Bown! - 1970 - Listen

The Alan Bown! 


01. Wanted Man    4:20
02. Crash Landing    5:55
03. Loosen Up    3:25
04. Pyramid    3:46
05. Forever    2:50
06. Curfew    4:00
07. Make Us All Believe    4:30
08. Make Up Your Mind    8:45
09. Get Myself Straight

2nd album by excellent British Prog band Alan Bown named after its founder and leader – trumpeter Alan Bown. One of the earliest Brass-Rock bands in the country, they incorporated Prog with Brass arrangements, creating a unique sound but not quite Jazz-Rock Fusion yet. The band also included lead singer Gordon Neville (who replaced the original vocalist Robert Palmer heard on their debut album), keyboardist Jeff Bannister, saxophonist John Helliwell, guitarist Tony Catchpole, bassist Stan Haldane and drummer Vic Sweeney and together they were a formidable septet indeed. The album was produced by Mel Collins of King Crimson fame. An absolute beauty, which lost nothing of its charm with time!

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