Sunday, January 17, 2016

John G. Perry - 1974 - Sunset Wading

John G. Perry 
Sunset Wading

01. I Wait My Friend (2:24)
02. How Goes The Night ? (0:15)
03. Devoke Water (4:51)
04. Birds And Small Furry Beasts (3:19)
05. As Clouds Gather (3:45)
06. Storm (2:59)
07. Ah Well, You Can Only Get Wet! (1:56)
08. Dawn (7:05)
09. Morning Song (3:09)
10. On The Moor(3:09)
11. Roundelay (0:51)
12. Etude (3:33)
13. A Rhythmic Stroll (1:12)
14. Sunset Wading (2:35)

John G. Perry / bass, vocals, piano
Michael Giles / drums
Rupert Hine / piano, electric piano, celeste, Moog, vocals
Geoffrey Richardson / viola, flute
Morris Pert / marimba, vibes, percussion
Elio D'Anna / sax, flute
Corrado Rustici / guitar
Simon Jeffes / koto, string quartet conductor

And with :

Beryl Streeter / vocals;
Roger Glover / A.R.P. synthesizer;
Gavyn Wright / 1st violin;
Steve Rowlinson / 2nd violin;
Levine Andradi / viola
Helen Liebman / cello

A tranquil Canterbury album thrown together by John G. Perry after his brief tenure as bassist for Caravan. Thematically speaking, Sunset Wading indulges a little heavy-handedly in the sort of romanticisation of the countryside Mike Oldfield was also guilty of at the time, and I find myself agreeing with those who suggest that there's a mild Milk Oldfield influence at work on the album. I don't detect much of the Caravan sound in the compositions this time around - the mood seems a bit more melancholic, serious and thoughtful than Caravan's usual playful mode - but the album is nonetheless a great addition to the less musically frenetic and more laid-back and tranquil end of the subgenre.

A very smooth album with an impressive lounge feeling and influences from jazz rock,Canterbury prog,psych-, classical- and even world music.Hard to be compared the album features some hypnotic arrangements based on the combination of steady rhythms and various solos,coming from guitars,violins,flutes and keys.So,when needing something trully compelling yet quite calm at the same time,''Sunset wedding'' is your thing...

God bless Estoteric records for running a reissue series on some of the Canterbury Scene artists. They have done a careful job of remastering and that shows.

'Sunset Wading' is an album I have been looking for for quite some time and I am pleased to say it lives up to its reputation as a lost classic of pastoral, jazzy prog-rock. Perry's bass-playing shines throughout but does not dominate the proceedings and the whole is a tasteful and relaxing experience that gives you the choice to either sink into it or to allow it to drift along as abackground. A balance that few albums can achieve.

The incomparable Mike Giles is also masterfully active on the drums and Geoff Richardson's viola brings the Caravan sound back in places.

John Perry was a major contributor to my favourite Caravan LP 'For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night' and here his talents as a writer and leader are evident.



  2. Hi, I remembered something else was looking for - do you have the Living Force album (New Zealand band)? It's not so hot except for some parts, but I just want a better copy than the glitchy cd-r copy someone traded me a while ago.

  3. Living Force... I really like that album, or at least the songs I have heard on Youtube... all but 2 tracks from the album are there... I've had that album on my wish list for decades... but it's never a cheap one when it surfaces... so... let's hope someone visiting the blog has a copy that he/she might want to share...

  4. More than anything this reminds me of David Axelrod's "Songs of Innocence", one of my favorite instrumental albums... indeed very cool. Thanks.