Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux - 1980 - Transparental

Jan Akkerman & Kaz Lux 

01. Inspiration (6:13)
02. Apocalypso (6:18)
03. Concentrate, don't hesitate (6:41)
04. Transparental (1:15)
05. I don't take it much longer (3:52)
06. Marsha (5:05)
07. You're not the type (6:04)
08. The party is over (4:26)

- Kaz Lux / Vocals and Guitar
- Jan Akkerman / Guitars and Roland Guitar Synthesiser
- Cees van der Laarse / Bass
- Pierre van der Linden / Drums
- Manuel Lopez / Drums on "Marsha" and "The Party's Over"
- Rick van der Linden / Keyboards
- Eddy Conard / Percussion
- Grace van der Laarse / Percussion

In 1980 Jan Akkerman made another album with his old Brainbox buddy and singer Kaz Lux. Three years earlier, in 1977, they made a duo album for the first time. This album (Eli) contained some good, warm sounding tracks. On it Akkerman didn't showcase his pyrotechnics but played his tasteful chords. It was recorded with the help of interesting musicians like Pierre van der Linden (ex-Brainbox, ex-Focus, ex-Trace) and Rick van der Linden (ex-Ekseption, ex-Trace).
The new collaboration is also done with the help of the van der Linden's (no relatives) but it sounds rather cold, when compared to Eli. There is still the bluesy voice of Lux and there are even some solos by Akkerman. But all in all it is less appealing. Overall it sounds funky. The first two tracks are all right and Marcha is a nice ballad, but the last two tracks are just fillers (the last one a bad reggae tune).

If you enjoyed Eli, you better listen to this one before you purchase it, because it sounds completely different.

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