Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jan Akkerman - 1990 - The Noise Of Art

Jan Akkerman 
The Noise Of Art

01. Trojan Horse
02. You can't keep a bad man up
03. Bonnaville
04. Shame on you
05. Having fun
06. Prima Donna
07. Prelude: friends always
08. Akkerman's sombrero
09. My pleasure
10. Quiet storm

- Jan Akkerman / Guitars and Synths
- Livingston Brown / Bass
- Derek Holt / Bass
- Clive Mayuyu / Drums
- Brendon Day / Drums

A visitor, requested this one, and since it's probably the last good Jan Akkerman album released, and I had it at hand, here it is!
Back in '89 Jan was asked as a stand-in for the Night of the Guitar festival. He became the best and the organizer gave him chance to made this record. With only a bass player and a drummer he made an album with a lot of different styles. It was one of his most accessible records, so it brought him back in the Dutch album charts. ( the last time was the '85 Focus album, which was the first since Live at Montreux.) For me the album contains some strong tracks like Shame on You and Prima Donna. Seems to me Akkerman goes Satriani if you here the music of Bonnaville. For experienced prog listeners there's reason enough to call some songs elevator-music; but for a bigger audience it's easier to step in the world of Akkerman.


  1. http://www.filefactory.com/file/2c1p3ajg3u55/2841.rar

  2. thanks, in fact the only song that I remember from this album is Shame on You.

    Yesterday I was watching Ossos by Pedro Costa and in the soundtrack I listened a terrific song that later, in the credits, I discovered was Lowdown by Wire from the album Pink Flag, a kind of punk or post-punk style. You have material of Wire?