Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jan Akkerman - 1984 - From The Basement

Jan Akkerman
From The Basement

01. Headbanger
02. All along the watchtower
03. Dark Rose
04. Wallenberg
05. From the Basement
06. PCB Chicken
07. Status Quo

- Jan Akkerman / Guitars
- Dino Walcott / Bass, Vocals
- Hans Waterman / Drums
- Thijs van Leer / 2o synthesiser on 'Headbanger'
- Piet Eisma / Percussion
- Sergio Costillo / Simmons on 'Headbanger'

Showcasing Akkerman`s heavier side, From The Basement is full of suprises from a Reggae version of Bob Dylan`s All Along The Watchtower with Dino Walcott on vocals to an extended jam at the end of the CD which will blow you completely away. Jan just let`s her rip for 15 minutes. A heavier updated version of an oldie but a goldie appears in the form of of Dark Rose from the Brainbox days, with Kaz Lux dropping in to provide the vocal power. In a more thoughtful track Jan pays a mesmerizing musical tribute to Raoul Wallenberg using the Roland synth axe to great advantage. The remaining tracks signal a return to the old- style electric guitar wizadry Akkerman was known for while playing in Focus in the seventies ( sorry no lutes here folks ).
Fans of Akkerman`s unique approach to the electric guitar will not be dis-appointed with this one. Additions on the HUX CD offerring includes outakes from the " Basement " sessions as well as other subsequently recorded material along with liner notes from the Dutch Master himself. Put the headphones on and crank this one up to eleven!

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