Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jan Akkerman - 1983 - Can't Stand Noise

Jan Akkerman 
Can't Stand Noise

01. Pietons
02. Everything Must Change
03. Back To The Factory
04. Journey (A Real Elegant Gypsy)
05. Heavy Treasure
06. Just Because
07. Who Knows

- Jan Akkerman / Guitars

The track "Who Knows" is listed on both the album cover and on the label of the vinyl record, however there are in fact only three tracks on sides one and two. This is probably an example of the Akkerman humour at work.

 Through this album Jan Akkerman demonstrates his consistency in terms of musical approach where he chose jazz-rock as a platform and let the improvisation, not necessarily using guitar as main soloist, works on top of that platform. He proves it through the composition he crafted at the opening track "Pietons" where the basic platforms is so obvious in jazz-rock landscape. Well, not all of his albums in the same vein though.
As far as composition, I enjoy the fourth track "Journey (A Real Elegant Gypsy)" which initially presumed would be similar, musically, with Al Di Meola's. One really can sense his guitar style having listened to some of his albums. Other tracks "Back To The Factory" and "Just Because" demonstrate his virtuosities not only in playing his guitar strings but also in composing music under jazz-roxck vein.



  2. thanks for sharing, your are starting 2016 with the best. do you have akkerman's The Noise of Art?