Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jan Akkerman - 1982 - It Could Happen To You

Jan Akkerman
It Could Happen To You

01. Old Tennis Shoes (11:30)
02. Come Closer (7:50)
03. Funkology (11:50)
  a Baby Start
  b One Way
  c Free
04. It Could Happen To You (Free Together) (5:25)

- Jan Akkerman / Acoustic, Electric, Synthesizer Guitars
- Kenneth Knudsen / Keyboards
- Pablo Nahar / Bass on "Baby Start"
- Ole Theil / Drums

 With It Could Of Happened To You the legendary Focus guitarist stays on target and true to form. Some Eighties elements creep in, but Jan puts them to good use. This includes some very creative use of a drum machine, believe it or not! Akkerman incorporates eighties technology wisely, and the result is still very listenable...all prejudices aside of course.
Jan transformed his sound in 1977 with his self-titled album to become one of the first master musicians to risk venturing into jazz/fusion. His is not the funky keyboard/sax sound of Weather Report, or Herbie Hancock, nor the furious fret-oriented way of Mahavishnu or Lifetime. No, Akkerman presented the listener a more European and refined sound, that was, come to think of it, no less funky, or for that matter no less furious then those previously mentioned.

This is a short record, clocking in at less than 40 minutes. The consolation is that there is no filler and all four songs reach their maximum potential as Akkerman stretches right out in typically confident fashion. Old Tennis Shoes is as comfortable and relaxing as...well, old tennis shoes. Come Closer is enticing, but the real standout is Funkology. DJ's might want to give this one a listen, as it has dance-floor potential.

It is the title song that grows on you most however: its sweet dreaminess could go on all day. It is a beautiful song, plain and simple.

You might fall in love with this album too: it could happen to you.

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