Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jan Akkerman - 1981 - Oil In The Family

Jan Akkerman 
Oil In The Family

01. Oil In The Family (6:23)
02. Formula N-one (9:38)
03. Disc-O-Asis (7:05)
04. No Doubt About It (5:42)
05. Family Reprise (1:04)
06. Blue In The Shadow (3:56)
07. A Family In The Oil (3:12)

- Jan Akkerman / guitars, synthesizer guitars, bass
- Jim Campagnola / sax
- Ab Tamboer / vibes, marimbas and drums
- Eddie Conard / percussion

Recorded as a result of a bet ( which he won ) with a Dutch DJ that he could make an album in 24 hours, the always unpredictable and enigmatic Akkerman came out with this middle- eastern influenced disco beat gem as one of the tracks, Disc-O-Asis, would suggest. Fueled by heavy rythmic synthesizer guitar and bass this album became a big seller in Turkey. As far as prog fans are concerned, if this was played without previous knowledge that it was an Akkerman project, they would probably think it was from the top ten list from Egypt or Iran. With the exception of the more laid back Blue In the Shadow, get ready for Jan Akkerman goes disco. However it is done very tastefully and has some pretty catchy guitar hooks ( repetetive as they are ) which remind me of some early stuff by Canadian fusion band UZEB. Though not of particular interest to the traditional prog fan, Focus and Jan Akkerman completists might want to check out this interesting musical experiment from one of the world`s foremost guiar virtiousos.

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