Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jan Akkerman - 1979 - 3

Jan Akkerman

01. Stingray (Get up with that)
02. Wait and see
03. She's so divine
04. Funk me
05. This is the one
06. Nightprayer
07. Time out of mind

Line-up / Musicians
Jan Akkerman / Gguitars
Peter Schön / Keyboards
Gene Santini / Bass
Bruno Castellucci / Drums
Neppie Noya / Percussion on "She's so divine"
Duane Hitchings / keyboards
Bunny Brunell / Bass
David Igelfeld / Drums

Jan Akkerman's last album from the glorious '70's named very simply 3, issued in 1979, is a change in direction after the great seftitled album from 1977. Here we have an Akkerman cought on the wrong path by funk music and soul in places but keeping here and there his recogning style jazz fusion. I guess the best track is the opening one, the rest is funk jazz, not entirely bad, for me, background music in principal but well performed. Anyway quite far from his best works and more towards of what done in that period musicians like George Duke on Follow the rainbow then. I will give still 3 stars, works for me every time I've listing to this record. Enjoyble but forgetable in comparation with 1977 selftitled album.

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