Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ihre Kinder - 1970 - Leere Hände

Ihre Kinder 
Leere Hände

01. Würfelspiel
02. Ich kann Dir nichts geben
03. Südafrika Apartheid Express
04. Straße ohne Ziel
05. Das Paradies muß auf Erden sein
06. Leere Hände
07. Hilf mir
08. Nimm Deine Liebe
09. Pedro der Pfau
10. Nie vergeß ich wie es war

Bonus on CD:
11. The Dice
12. Help Me
13. Paradise Can't Be Too Far
14. I Can't Give You Nothing
15. Shimmy The Peacock
16. Empty Hands
17. Highway With No End
18. Go Take Your Love Away
19. South African Apartheid Express
20. What A Day That' Il Be

- Olders Frenzel / drums, percussion
- Sonny Hennig / vocals, keyboards
- Muck Groh / guitar
- Georgie Meyer / flute, bells, vocals
- Walti Schneider / bass, vocals
- Ernst Schultz / guitar, bass, percussion, vocals

"Leere Hande" (1970) was a great improvement, their first true folk-rock album. The arrangements here were more varied with more use of organ, flute and electric guitars. The band had also absorbed some progressive touches from groups like Traffic and Jethro Tull. The 11 songs themselves were more memorable than those on the previous album. Some of them were written by Ernst Schultz (guitar, flute, vocals), now added as Ihre Kinder's sixth member, the rest came from Sonny Hennig. "Leere Hande" was recorded during January and February 1970 in Union Studio, Munich, with Thomas Klemt engineering. It was the first release on the Kuckuck label, generously enclosing a lyrics insert and a large poster.

Ihre Kinder's  "Leere Hände" from 1970 was a pleasant experience. Like my father I like very much German stuff and these songs is beautifully sung in German by the singer Sonny Hennig. What is presented here is two language version of the record but I only review the German songs. Ihre Kinder (Your children) is called Krautrock but it's progressive in a more political way than musical, almost like the Swedish Progg. Anyway this is very nice music and I am happy to write the first review of it and hope many will follow.
Done in the early seventies the music is full of the clear sound of rock, mixed with emotion and som progressive touches. Those toaches is for example the flute and the keyboards which are palpable over the full album. Ihre Kinder made up by Olders Frenzel(drummer), Sonny Hennig (vocalist, keyboard player), Muck Groh(guitarist), Georgie Meyer(flutist, bells, vocals), Walti Schneider(bassist, vocals) and Ernst Schultz(guitarist, bassist, percussionist, vocals).

The best song is the title track "Leere Hände" which is a little proggy but very nice pop song with clever keys and great singing. That is a track you want to play again and again. The second best track is "Strasse ohne Ziel" which perhaps has a deeper and more proggy feeling, also a beautiful song. "Ich kann dir nichts geben", "Hilf mir" and "Nimm deine liebe" would I also consider very good tracks. The others are also worth listening.

This is a quite easy achieved record from the Germans "Ihre Kinder". I love the sweet voice and the great compositions. It's music with skillful song writing, not especially progressive but attractive.



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