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Ihre Kinder - 1970 - 2375 004

Ihre Kinder 
2375 004

01. Menschen wie Sand am Meer (3:43)
02. Mantel im Wind (4:48)
03. Straßenkind (4:51)
04. Toter Soldat (6:36)
05. Komm zu dir (2:29)
06. Hexenhammer (3:54)
07. Mutter bekommt ein Kind (3:31)
08. Leben Sie wohl (4:26)
09. Weisser Schnee, Schwarze Nacht (4:12)

- Sonny Hennig / vocals, keyboards
- Muck Groh / guitar
- Tommi Roeder / bass, saxophon
- Georgie Meyer / flute, bells, vocals
- Olders Frenzel / drums, guitar
- Ernst Schultz / guitar, bass, percussion, vocals

"2375 004" went a step further, as it was released in a denim jeans cover, even featuring washing instructions! It was recorded at the same venue as its predecessor in August 1970. Thommy Roder (bass, sax, vocals) had now replaced Walti Schneider. This album, entitled after its own catalogue number, was a further development towards varied progressive folk-rock and some would say that it is their best one musically. Some of the compositions of Ernst Schultz were even slightly experimental ("Toter Soldat"). In 1971, Ihre Kinder released their first single: "Die Graue Stadt" coupled with "Komm Zu Dir". After this, Sonny Hennig quit the group to realize his solo ambitions. Ernst Schultz broke with the management and took over the leadership of Ihre Kinder.

The untitled album with the order number 2375 004 (often called "Jeans-Cover" because it was not packed in paper but in jeans cloth) is by most observers seen as the best record of Ihre Kinder and marks the peak in their public awareness. The album was most important at the evolving "Krautrock" scene. This album had a musical blend between American protest song, white blues and carefully set elements of electronic rock and Jazz, which had not been heard in this form and to this date in Germany.
In an excellent way the songs with all German lyrics take up political and social problems of the time like overpopulation and anonymity ("Menschen wie Sand am Meer"), outsiders in the welfare state ("Straßenkind"), nuclear armament ("Toter Soldat") or drug misuse ("Weißer Schnee, Schwarze Nacht"). Especially the calm songs still sound well and interesting. In the more than 6 and a half minute long "Toter Soldat" Ihre Kinder describe the perversity of warfare in a nuclear world and produce an oppressed atmosphere with distorted organ and electric guitar chords and drum rolls that lead into nothingness. "Weißer Schnee, Schwarze Nacht" is in musical and lyrical terms the German predecessor to the Stones' "Sister Morphine" (1971) and Neil Young's "The Needle and the Damage Done" (1972). Sonny Hennig's singing maybe peculiar but still is touching here. His lyrics were seen as the most pretentious in German popular music these days.

An essential addition to any collection of German popular music

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