Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hummingbird - 1977 - Diamond Nights

Diamond Nights

01. Got My «Led Boots» On
02. Spirit
03. Cryin’ For Love
04. She Is My Lady
05. You Can’t Hide Love
06. Anaconda
07. Madatcha
08. Losing You (Ain’t No Doubt About It)
09. Spread Your Wings
10. Anna’s Song

Bobby Tench - guitar, vocals
Bernie Holland - guitar
Clive Chapman - bass
Max Middleton - keyboards
Bernard Purdie - drums

Pancho Morales - percussion
Airto Moreira - percussion
Quitman Dennis - horn
Chuck Findley - horn
Jim Horn - woodwind
Lisa Freeman Roberts - Back vocals
Paulette McWilliams - Back vocals
Venetta Fields - Back vocals
Stephanie Spruill - Back vocals
Julia Tillman a Waters - Back vocals
Maxine Willard a Waters - Back vocals

Before they were playing Rock/Blues/Jazz fusion with Jeff Beck as Jeff Beck Group with super drummer Cozy Powell. They released Hummingbird, then Diamond Nights and it is just great to hear their music with Bernard Purdie, Airto Moreira, Chuck Findley, Jim Horn, many other great vocalists. This is their best recording but all of them are great.Very good for Bobby Tench, Clive Chapman and Max Middleton that were always the base and A&M with Ian Samwell and Hummingbird

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