Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hummingbird - 1975 - Hummingbird


01. Music Flowing
02. You Can Keep The Money
03. Such A Long Ways
04. Horrors
05. I Don 't Know Why I Love You
06. Maybe
07. For The Children's Sake
08. Ocean Blues
09. Island Of Dreams

Tench Bobby - guitar, vocals
Bernie Holland - guitar
Clive Chaman - bass
Max Middleton - keyboards
Conrad Isidore - drums
Linda Lewis - Back vocals

Bob Tench, Max Middleton, and Clive Chaman were 3/4ths of Jeff Beck's 2nd band which made "Rough & Ready" and the "Orange" record. Bringing in Conrad Isadore (drums) and Bernie Holland(gtr) they formed Hummingbird. This project was certainly in somewhat the same musical bag, and features the criminally ignored vocal talents of Bobby Tench. Bernie Holland, a good  guitarist stamped straight out of the Beck mold, can't boast the chops, taste or touch of Beck of course, but he's a good fit for what's on offer here. This LP also gives a lot of musical space to the superb piano & Fender Rhodes playing of Max Middleton, who of course continued with Beck on "Blow by Blow".

This is a tight little record distinquished by a brace of good material and some lovely playing. It's funky, soulful and atmospheric, often all in the course of a single tune. Side 2 of the original vinyl is particularly well laid out. They went on to make two further LPs, but stumbled on both of them due to lackluster material. This is the one to seek out.

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