Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ernst Schultz - 1971 - Paranoia Picknick

Ernst Schultz 
Paranoia Picknick

01.  Ich sehe wieder grün
02.  Der Traumtänzer
03.  Synthetischer Orient Nr. 1
04.  Nur ein Spanier
05.  Kirchenlied
06.  Kurt Mittag, 55, staatenlos
07.  XY
08.  Paranoia Picknick
09.  Finger blind

Ernst Schultz (vocals, 12-string guitar, mandolin),
Jack Grunsky (harmonica, guitar) T
Theo Bina (guitar),
Tommi Roeder (organ, piano),
Sonny Hennig (piano),
Walti Schneider (bass, accordion),
Günther Storch (drums),
Wolf Stumm (guitar, sitar),
A, Schnurrer (violin)

Stoned and freaked out acid kraut rock with lots of acoustic guitars, sitarrs, harmonica, percussion etc. A minor folky touch. Comparable to the more freaked out parts of Emtidi, but with a male vocalist. Ihre Kinder member.

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