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Don Shinn - 1969 - Don Shinn Takes A Trip / Temples With Prophets

Don Shinn 
Don Shinn Takes A Trip

01. Pits Of Darkness    17:59
02. Temples With Prophets    5:45
03. A Minor Explosion    4:07
04. Jolly Dance    3:35
05. Hearts Of Gladness    10:18
06. A-Minor Explosion (Bonus)    3:09

Bass – Eric Ford
Drums – Peter Wolf
Electric Guitar – Paul Hodgson
Organ, Piano – Don Shinn

This album was released in the U.K and U.S.A. under different names. (in different cover) as "Temples With Prophets" (UK) and "Don Schinn Takes a Trip"

Don Shinn (born Donald Shinn, 15 December 1945, Southampton, Hampshire) is an English keyboard player, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and vocalist. He is known primarily as an organist and pianist, and also plays vibraphone. In the early-mid 1960’s he recorded and performed with British Beat groups The MeddyEVILS, The Echoes (backing Dusty Springfield), and The Soul Agents (featuring Rod Stewart). In 1967 he formed his own band The Shinn, which also featured future Uriah Heep bassist Paul Newton, future drummer for The Nice, Brian Davison, and vocalist Eddie Lamb. In 1969 he released two instrumental albums, ‘Departures’, and ‘Temples With Prophets’ (aka 'Don Shinn Takes A Trip'). He was a member of the English band Dada (featuring Elkie Brooks) and appears on their eponymous album released in 1970. He has also worked with Kiki Dee, James Taylor, Engelbert Humperdinck, Stan Tracey, Persian vocalist Parvaneh Farid, Iguana, and Renaissance. He is cited as a pioneer within the progressive rock movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and has been acknowledged by British keyboardist/composer Keith Emerson as a major influence. Uriah Heep bassist Paul Newton has also credited Shinn as a mentor and teacher. As of January 2012, unconfirmed reports indicate that Shinn is still musically active and based in the Southampton area of the UK.

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