Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Colwell-Winfield Blues Band - 1971 - Live Bust

Colwell-Winfield Blues Band 
Live Bust

01. Cursin Blues
02. Have A Taste
03. Help Me
04. How Blue Can You Get
05. Eyesight To The Blind
06. Sombrero Sam
07. Don't Start Me Talkin
08. Stop Breakin Down
09. Brother Where Are You (Bonus Track)
10. Willow Weep For Me (Bonus Track)
11. Drum It (Bonus Track)

Bill Colwell - Guitar
Chuck Purro - Drums
Jack Shroer - Alto, tenor, soprano Saxophone
Moose Sorrento - Vocals
Collin Tilton - Tenor Saxophone, flute
Michael Winfield - Bass

Progressive bluesrock recorded live at the Phoenix Coffee House. Second album of this bluesrock legend from Boston. After the first album began the members change and this live set was played without two sax players. The result is stronger bluesy sound with genuine Chicago influence and sometimes a little bit of jazz.
Billy Colwell, Mike Winfield and drummer Chuck Purro, who make up this Boston blues band, are perhaps best known for their excellent 1968 debut Cold Wind Blues, considered one of the great classics of late-sixties, but unfortunately not as well known is their rare second album, recorded live in 1970 and originally released in 1971. Here the band offers up the same exceptional jazz-influenced blues rock that first brought them into the public eye (and even earning them an opening slot for Led Zeppelin). Featuring original compositions and covers of blues classics, revisited with energy and experience. This reissue also includes 3 bonus tracks recorded at the time of their first album, but never released until now!



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