Sunday, January 10, 2016

Audio Visions - 1984 - Images

Audio Visions

01. Bland Gray
02. Rise Above
03. The Parasites
04. Chamber Of No Thought
05. Bonds Of Desire
06. Blues
07. Suburban Headache
08. Back Out To Ocean

- David Miles / vocals
- Andy Graves / keyboards
- Kye Kennedy / guitar
- Victor smith / bass
- Steve Ebe / drums, percussion

Additional musicians:
- Bryan Gallette / guitar on "Blues"
- Whit Pulliam / bass on "the Parasites", "Blues" and " Suburban Headache"
- Max Huls / violin on "Blues"
- Roy Brewer / violin on "Bonds Of Desire"
- John Lux / sax on "Bonds Of Desire"

AUDIO VISIONS was an obscure band from United States active in the 80's. The band was made up of David MILES (vocals), Andy GRAVES (keyboards), Kye KENNEDY (guitar), Victor SMITH (bass) and Steve EBE (drums). Together they made only one album on their own Audovid Records label called 'Images' in 1984 which is mostly inspired by Peter GABRIEL era GENESIS and centered around vocals of David MILES but with the help of some guest musicians on other instruments like violins and saxophones the music instrumentally sometimes goes a touch beyond the neo progressive rock of the time.

Memphis, Tennessee based Audio Visions certainly seemed inspired by the original NWOBPR movement, and oh yea, Genesis is an influence here. With a name like Audio Visions and a little violin, one has to presume Kansas played a big role in their initial setup. But it's still very much a product of the glossy 80s. Simmons drums and tinny synthesizers are the order of the day. It's more Twelfth Night "Art and Illusion" and less IQ "Tales From the Lush Attic" if that makes sense. Another way to say it's art pop rather than full-on progressive rock
American GENESIS style band..Very good !

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