Sunday, January 10, 2016

Astre - 1981 - Foresight


01. Hole in the Sky
02. Through the Looking Glass
03. Lar-Asia
04. Before the Gods
05. The Doorway
06. World Class
  a) Nadia
  b) Free and expressive Beauty
  c) Competition
  d) The Waiting
  e) The Glory

- Bill Tankersley / Bass guitar, bass pedals, keyboards, vocals
- Mark Loveless / Keyboards, guitar
- Les Mobley / Drums, talking voices

Founded in Tulsa - Oklahoma in the mid/late 70's, this 4 piece band was formed by : Mark Loveless (guitar, keyboards), Bill Tankersley (vocals, bass, keyboards), Les Mobley (drums, percussion), Curt Wasson (keyboards), Mark Winn (drums). In 1981 They turned into a Power trio when Wasson left the band.

That same year they self release their only album called Foresight. Despite the terrible production, the music is pretty good and it's clear that they are influenced by the early 70's pioneers specially EMERSON LAKE & PALMER and KING CRIMSON with a touch of AOR (Typical of the era).

After the release of Foresight, the band kept offering concerts and touring in the US, until 1983 when their activities almost ceased completely and in 1984 officially disbanded. A real collectors item for the fans of Symphonic Prog, being one of the few examples of the genre in the South Central region of the United States.

Horrendously under-produced music from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but a superbly complex progressive rock album lays behind the mess. A clean reissue may take the grime off of this gem!

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