Sunday, January 10, 2016

Arc - 1980 - Maquette

1980 -

01. Quand    7:00
02. Oraison Funebre    6:00
03. Ami    10:00
04. Souffle Colone    11:00
05. Les Cités    10:00

Jean-Louis Bernard (keyboards)
Serge Ferrand (vocals)
Frédéric Morice (drums)
Jean-François Mesuron (bass, vocals)
Patrick Loiseau (guitar, vocals)
Jean-Louis Decourchelle (keyboards)

Arc is a forgotten french progressive rock band from late' 70's early '80's. They release so far a single album in 1980 named simply Maquette. The music offered by this quintet is almost the same with for ex another less known bands from France same period , Orion and a little bit from Nightrider. Arc's music is almost symphonic in parts , mainly because the manner of interpretation of the keyboard player Jean Louis Besnard, but also here and there are some jazzy moments. Anyway a good album, whre I think the chrerry on the cake is the drumer Frederic Morice who done an excellent job. Every piece is a winner, not really a groundbreaking album, but pleasent most of the time. Keeping in mind that this album was release in a period when prog music has hard times, Arc's album got almost unnoticed then and is underrated now aswell. 3.5 for Maquette, still forgotten by many, this album must be rediscovered for sure. From my knowlwdge I don't know if this album was re release so far in CD format, so another case of  band that for sure will go into oblivion, sad, the younger generation will never discover or almost impossible to rediscover this french quintet from early '80's only in vinyl format.



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