Saturday, January 30, 2016

Another World Production - 1980 - The End of the Age

Another World Production 
The End of the Age

01. I Say Hello
02. Now I Sing
03. He Is Real
04. Tomorrow
05. Tales Of Evil
06. End Of The Age
07. What Will Become
08. Lessons In Seven
09. I Pray Some Day
10. Reprise

Steven Cumber (?)
Steve Appolloni (?)
Mark Redlin (Bass) (R.I.P. 2012)
Gary Cumber (?)

All the elements of good guitar-based progressive rock can be found in this Wisconsin male foursome’s excellent hard-to-find custom. A variety of expressions gives the music a lot of depth. ‘He Is Real’, ‘Tales Of Evil’, ‘What Will Become’, the apocalyptic title track (which sounds a lot like Barclay James Harvest) and the instrumental ‘Lessons In Seven’ all check in with an artful heavy rock sound, including several driving dual electric guitar side trips (the kind DeGarmo & Key had fun doing in the early days). ‘I Say Hello’ and ‘Reprise’ begin and end the set with a lush symphonic presence – a stately melding of acoustic guitars, piano and mellotron-like string orchestration. ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘I Pray Some Day’ are gentle stirring ballads with rich acoustic guitar melodies. Quite a treasure here, housed in an intriguing Tolkienesque cover.

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