Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ange - 2010 - Le Bois Travaille, Meme le Dimanche

Le Bois Travaille, Meme le Dimanche

01. Des papillons, des cerfs volants (7:31)
02. Hors-la-loi (5:03)
03. Le bois travaille, même le dimanche (12:40)
04. Sous le nez de Pinicchio (4:49)
05. Voyage en Autarcie (7:06)
06. Jamais seul (3:31)
07. L'oeil et l'ouïe (5:55)
08. Clown blanc (3:29)
09. Dames et dominos (3:53)
10. Collines roses (3:51)
11. Ultime atome (Anatomie d'un conte à rebours) (3:51)
12. A l'ombre des pictogrammes (6:28)

-Caroline Crozat / vocals, chorus
-Christian Decamps / vocals, piano
-Tristan Decamps / keyboards, vocals
-Hassan Hajdi / guitar
-Bruno Cazzulini / drums, percussion
-Thierry Sidhoum / bass

Ange rediscovered their prog credentials in the 2000's after,by their high standards,some less than essential releases in the 80's and 90's.This one from 2010 marks a heavier and more intense direction,continued with 2012's Moyen Age.There is not the odd vaudeville,light relief track found in previous albums,which some love (like me) and some find irritating! This release almost plays as a suite of music from beginning to end. Highlights are track 2 which rocks hard; track 7 which builds up dramatically to a wonderful symphonic climax courtesy of Tristan Decamps superb keys; track 9 which has a memorable haunting melody.I would think Steven Wilson would be an influence on this album- it has his haunting trademarks,but this is the one and only Ange- cementing their place in prog's hierarchy. It will take a few listens,but it is worth the wait!!

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