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Ange - 2001 - Culinaire Lingus

Culinaire Lingus

01. Jusqu'où iront-ils (8:55)
02. Cueillir les fruits du sérail (6:03)
03. Adrénaline * (4:02)
04. Farces et attrapes (2:40)
05. Culinaire Lingus (5:05)
06. Les odeurs de cousine (5:51)
07. Intérieur nuit (3:28)
08. Univers et nirvana (3:51)
09. Gargantua (5:25)
10. On sexe ** (6:32)
11. Cadavres exquis (10:27)
12. Autour d'un cadavre exquis*** (11:34)

- Caroline Crozat / vocals, chorus
- Christian Decamps / keyboards, vocals
- Tristan Decamps / keyboards, vocals
- Hassan Hajdi / guitar
- Hervé Rouyer / drums, percussion
- Thierry Sidhoum / bass

* Gilles Pequinot / violin et Cornemuse
** Gilles Pequinot / Flûte à bec, gimbarde et violin
*** Thommy Emmanuel, Claude Demet, Dan Ar Braz, Norbert Krief, Serge Cuenot, Paul Personne, Jean-Pascal Boffo et Jan Akkerman / guitar

This album is a dynamic return to top form after their classic 70's period was followed by a more commercial 80's and 90's period.this album is top progressive rock with a multitude of moods,well produced,and somewhat heavy in places. Track 1 builds up menacingly before female vocals come in at 4'31 leading to a heavy King Crimson vibe Track 2 continues the KC feel with a gentle bass intro then at 2'43 morps into a great guitar break by Hassan Hajdi and concludes instrumentally Track 3 has a wonderful carnival violin intro into an upbeat straight rocker Track 4 has a great vaudeville feel with Christian Decamps sounding like his vocals are through a loud speaker- it has a wonderful fairground feel! Track 5- the tile track- has a heavy guitar with vocal overlay intro,and a chanted vocal which leads to another great guitar/ keys chorus.Female vocals join in and the track slow builds to a great climax ( no pun intended!),but you feel this would work great live. Track 6 starts quietly with electric piano,but again builds into a cinematic mood,typical of a Bond film.There is a Gong spacey synth type outro which rounds off beautifully. Track 7 is a soft but beautifull ballad which morphs into Track 8 which has Dream Theater type guitar chords and a very King Crimson sound. Track 8 Gargantua is a brilliant rocker started with some brilliant power chords which leads again into a catchy chorus backed by more amazing keys by Tristan Decamps On Sexe is a dual vocal track which is quite effective- probably the track where that word is used most,ever,which again becomes Dream Theater like heavy,but again the greatness of Ange is their change of pace,irony and musicality. Two long tracks finish the album,the second being almost an instrumental of the first.The track begins quietly but again builds dramatically with operatic style vocals from Christian and incredible backing from the band.Majestic!
A pivotal return to greatness and an album which brings Ange full circle back into prog greats!!

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