Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ange - 1995 - Rideau!


01. Au-delà du délire
02. La gare de Troyes
03. Là pour personne
04. Saga
05. Réveille-toi
06. Sur la trace des fées aga
07. Ode à Emile
08. Le ballon de Billy
09. Aujourd'hui c'est la fête chez l'apprenti-sorcier
10. Le soir du diable
11. Le cimetière des Arlequins
12. Vu d'un chien
13. Ces gens-là

- Christian Decamps / vocals, keyboards
- Francis Decamps / keyboards, voice
- Jean-Michel Brezovar / guitar
- Gérard Jelsh / drums, percussion
- Daniel Haas / bass

recorded live in Lille and Mulhouse May 1995

This is the "commercial" version of the double album "Un P'tit Tour Et Puis S'en Vont".
Several average songs of the band are featured, like "La Gare De Troyes", "Saga", " Là Pour Personne", "Réveille-toi !", "Vu D'Un Chien" and "Le ballon de Billy". If only less of these ones would have been featured, not too much damage should have been done, but they represent almost half of the songs of this album.

As usual, the intros available here are rather representative of Ange's fame in the French territory : "You are travelling on the good train and in the appropriate compartment". The one of friendship which reigns between us. I believe it is an eternal feeling...And even after death, friendship remaind the caviar of love".

Fortunately, several great songs will save this album : "Sur La Trace Des Fées" and "Ode à Emile" which were the best two songs from "Emile Jacotey". "Aujourd'hui C'Est la Fête de l'Apprenti Sorcier" and "Le Cimetière Des Arlequins" : two essential numbers from their third studio album. The latter is particularly well rendered. Very expressive of course. Totally theatrical like Christian could be. The end is completely chaotic and fully Crimsonesque.

Just before the final number, Christian Descamps will introduce each member of the band. After the last one, he will say : "There is one missing : Jacques Brel". And here we go for "Ces Gens-Là".

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