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Ange - 1987 - Tom 87

Tom 87

01. Le chien, la poubelle et la rose (thème final) (1:14)
02. Aujourd'hui c'est la fête chez l'apprenti sorcier (3:16)
03. Exode (4:21)
04. Les longues nuits d'Isaac (4:03)
05. Ode à Emile (3:28)
06. Sur la trace des fées (4:45)
07. Le nain de Stanislas (5:47)
08. Fils de lumière (4:27)
09. Le cimetière des Arlequins (11:25)
10. Tout feu tout flamme (4:38)
11. Hymne à la vie (10:20)

Line-up / Musicians
- Christian Decamps / vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitars
- Francis Decamps / keyboards, backing vocals, vocals on track 7
- Jean-Michel Brezovar / guitars, backing vocals
- Daniel Haas / bass
- Jean-Pierre Guichard / drums

What is fantastic about this live recording, is maybe not the tracklist played that night of October 1987 but more than probably the electric atmosphere generated by the band in the Zenith, Paris. Eighty % of the hall is filled (ttoal capacity : 5,000). Several opening bands (all French, except Dick Annegarn who is Dutch, but singing in French and partially living in Belgium...) for this event before the great Ange enters the stage.
Ange will consider this concert as a repetition for some things to come, because those lads have decided to continue to play together after this event. Sorry for the youngsters who have been played with the band for about ten years. According the information on the sleeve, Ange had only repeated for one week before this concert (remember, almost ten years separates this concert and their last one in this legendary line-up).

The openenig song is a very short version of an unedited track : "Le Chien, La Poubelle et la Rose". Actually, it is only the closing part of this song which is fully played on their first live album "Tome VI". Maybe the first blunder...

This album is made of eleven tracks. Six of them were already available on their great "Tome VI" (which only featured nine songs). Sounds a bit too much.

Still, the great song "Le Cimetière Arlequins" is featured and its introduction only deserves its place here. Two minutes forty seconds of the most complete delirium (it definitely shows how much they were influenced by my dear friend Peter). Not to speak about the song, of course. The greatest moment of this live record.

I would have expected more epic songs, but that's what we got : a very good and EMOTIONAL Ange come-back. At the time of release, some forteen years after the concert (something I can hardly understand), there will be an interview of Christian Descamps available in video format, telling us a bit more more about that special night.

How he thought of entering the stage like they used to do some fifteen years ago, how they will really enjoy to play together again etc. He will tell us how much he dislike nostalgy...but still; that night Ange played in front of a very nostalgic crowd. Lots of parents who have discovered Ange long before this, now accompanied by their children who are discovering this mythical prog band.

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