Saturday, January 30, 2016

Ange - 1984 - Egna


01. C'est apres coup que ca fait mal (4:45)
02. Fais pas la Gueule (4:40)
03. Revoir les sorcieres de Salem (3:25)
04. Les dessins Animés (3:05)
05. Coeur de paille coeur de pierre (4:08)
06. Le dernier Romantique (4:20)
07. Le cul qui Jazze (5:50)
08. Tout comme dans un Livre (5:27)

- Christian Descamps / vocal
- Francis Descamps / synthesizers
- Serge Cuenot / guitar
- Laurent Sigrist / bass
- Francis Meyer / drums, percussion
- Martine Kesselburg / vocals

Egna is Ange 1984,and the music is different from their classic 70's days in as much as shorter,snappier songs with strong guitar,synth strings ( not the Vicount organ here!),and a more 80's new romantic beat. As a progressive rock album,this is not,maybe apart from the moody closer Tout Comme dans Un Livre.As an album by Ange I would repeatedly listen to - yes certainly. Love Le Cul Qui Jazze.Love Christian's voice and performance.Les Dessins Animes is another Jour Apres Jour- lovely and delicate.The final track is nearer the Ange of the classic period. So as a prog album,no - as an album by a prog band,good.

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