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Ange - 1975 - Emile Jacotey

Emile Jacotey

01. Bêle, Bêle petite chèvre (3:50)
02. Sur la trace des Fées (4:48)
03. Le nain de Stanislas (5:45)
04. Jour apres Jour (3:09)
05. Ode à Emile (3:03)
06. a) Ego et Deus (4:07)
07. b) J'irai dormir plus loin que ton sommeil (4:11)
08. c) Aurélia (2:54)
09. d) Les Noces (6:28)
10. Le Marchand des Planètes (4:17)

- Guenole Biger / guitar, percussion, drums, guitar (electric), marimba, vibraphone
- Jean Michel Brezovar / guitar, vocals
- Christian Decamps / percussion, keyboards, vocals
- Francis Decamps / organ, synthesizer, piano, keyboards, vocals
- Daniel Haas / guitar (acoustic), bass, guitar
- Gerald Jelsch / drums

Fourth album for Ange. Two of their previous ones were really masterpieces. Ange's world is made of very weird lyrics and a music strongly inspired by Genesis and Crimson.
This release is a concept album of which Emile Jacotey is the central character. This old man will appear hear and there throughout the album. He will introduce himself, explain what he has been doing, quickly talking about his place and his family. I must say that the concept is not very strong and does not really appeal to me.
The album will be on the harder edge at times. The opener for instance, is probably Ange's hardest track so far. Only the end of the song is very quiet and introduces the old man talking about the legends which will be developed throughout the album.
We'll get some pure symphonic songs as well here of course. "Sur La Trace Des Fées" is faithful with the brilliance of their splendid music and fantastic vocals distlled by Christian Descamps. This fairy tales song sounds very Crimson-esque, but this is not new. "Ode A Emile" start with Emile Jacotey counting a bit of his life. But nothing interesting, really. Pure banalities. Fortunately, the melody is great and the intrumental parts are extremely catchy. One of the best song of this album.
I am not really convinced by "Ego Et Deus" which is the weakest song of the album. There will be some good guitar work during "J'irai Dormir Plus Loin Que Ton Sommeil". This will save this rather average song.
"Aurelia" is a simple and short piece of music, a bit commercial. Lyrics are somewhat sexual oriented (but nothing as strong as in some previous songs). Very light song. Like "Jour Après Jour", very much "Talk To The Wind" oriented.
We'll finally get a more traditional Ange song with "Les Noces". A brilliant hymn like Ange was used to produced. It is a descirption of a mariage feast with all its excesses (food, drinks and sex). It is the longest number of this album. We are far from Ange's epics. Nothing such as "Tels Quels" or "Au-Delà du Délire".
Several good songs here, but no real highlight nor great instrumental pieces even if the last section of "Le Nain De Stanislas" is very powerful and reminds us the great Ange we all know. Great keys as well as a good (hard) guitar break.
The closing number "Le Marchand Des Planètes" is a good song but this is a bit short in comparison with what Ange has been producing so far. This album sounds more theatrical with short scenes. Lyrics are not as flamboyant as the ones Christian has been used us to.

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