Friday, January 22, 2016

Androméda - 1981 - Androméda 3

Androméda 3

01. Verboten
02. Wir wollen nur das Beste
03. Hey, Alter, aufwachen
04. Paranoice
05. So müde
06. Der Hausbesitzer
07. Herbsttag
08. Los!

- Rainer Lingk (guitar, vocals)
- Alex Hensel (bass, vocals)
- Bernd Jahnke (guitar, vocals)
- Rainer Bergmann (drums, percussion)
- Thomas Lüdemann (keyboards, clarinet)
- Rebecca Wronker (flute, vocals)

The telephone rings: it's the beginning of the first album of this almost unknown german band who also made 'Karliburr' in 1980 and 'Andromeda III' in 1981.
Influenced by Genesis and Jethro Tull and, sometimes by Gentle Giant, ANRDOMÉDA offers a nice progressive, with large and good use of flute and electric guitar, alternated by harp and sax . Some tracks are sung in german, others in english and the record has its own eccentricity and it's nice to ear it because it is not a common clone.
This album contains seven tracks, four on side one, three on side two and the most interesting are: "Stell Dir Vor", "Androméda" - with great flute solos -- "Poading" with excellent sax solos - and "Skin Is Diction" where the most important members of the band KARL-HEINZ ENGELHARDT (Flute, Sax and Harp) and BERND JAHNKE give their best. A very good album

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