Friday, January 22, 2016

Andromeda - 1979 - Andromeda



01. Baby drunk
02. Con le mie lacrime
03. Cammino
04. Eternamente
05. Hot land
06. Lei non c'era
07. Bar della posta

Gianfranco Menti (bass, guitar, vocals)
Eddy Meola (saxophone, flute)
Gianfry Lugano (keyboards)
Gianpiero Morsuti (drums, percussion)

Extremely rare Italian album from this band from Friuli, which comprised of Gianfranco Mentil (guitar, bass, vocals), Eddy Meola (sax, flute), Gianfry Lugano (keyboards) and Gianpiero Morsut (drums, percussion) with Piero Pocecco providing bass duties.A self-titled work (1978, S.R.M.), released by the label of the studio the album was recorded at, ''Andromeda'' consists of two covers in English and eight original compositions, resulting a confusing album with no particular direction, but the rich instrumentation allows the listener to enjoy some decent moments.It's mostly a cross between dated Psychedelic Pop and soft Italian Rock and Prog, based on light organ waves and Meola's sweet work on sax and flute with some nice moves on guitar.The romantic Italian vocals, which are pretty warm, push the album always to a poppier direction, but many of the instrumental parts are quite interesting, despite the lack of interplays, as the music goes rapidly from poppy passages to folky textures and then to Classical interludes.Rather dated for the release year and average as a whole.

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