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Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell - 2000 - Natural Selection

Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell
Natural Selection

01. Scrat (18:12)
02. Body Of The Film (02:58)
03. First Painting (05:27)
04. The Rising Surfs Of The Body Opening (02:30)
05. Nocturnal (14:24)
06. Building The Earth (27:15)
07. Film Making (04:59)

Electronics [Audio Oscillators], Contrabass Clarinet, Mixed By [Mixage] – Dwight Frizzell*
Electronics [Tesla Coil, Jacob's Ladder] – Dr. Marc Deckard
Violin – Betse Ellis
Whistle [Dog], Flute – Hafiza Capehart
Bassoon – Bill Oldfather
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar – Jim Cottingham
Carillon, Organ – Dr. Bruce Prince-Joseph*
Contra-Alto Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Performer [Guida] – Dr. Thomas Aber*
Electronics [Short Wave Radio] – Dr. Marc Deckard
Flute – Hafiza Capehart
Percussion – Mark Lowry
Percussion, Bassoon – Patrick Conway
Piano – Leah Hokanson
Saxophone – Jan Faidley
Violin – Betse Ellis

After Paradigm Discs released the 1976 LP by Anal Magic and Rev. Dwight Frizzell, the true scope and diversity of this mans activities became more apparent to me. First there were the countless unused remnants from the original LP recording sessions, then the many films and their soundtracks, the regular radio shows, the dreamlanddiaries web page, the large scale intermedia events, performing weddings and leading the live group Black Crack Review. For 25 years there has been a dynamic continuity to his work, and a strong association with his collaborators. He has also contributed to books on Sun Ra, and is a popular tutor at the Kansas City Art Institute. After being so inspired by the discovery of this creative energy a second CD was immediately planned. All the pieces on this release deal with Frizzell's more experimental output, and include 2 long performance pieces that date from the 90s. One is a multi channel sound diffusion piece using electronics, tapes and acoustic instruments, the other uses graphic scores and is more acoustic with backing tapes. Both these pieces draw their inspiration from natural phenomena, using sounds from nature, the environment and the laboratory. They were both recorded in church spaces and, unlike the early work, use high quality recording equipment. Of the other 5 pieces, 4 are soundtracks, and all date from the same period as the LP and have the hallmark of the sound world that prevails on side 2 of the Anal Magic LP, a time when Frizzell was still a student at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Natural selection was recorded in an ancient Ozark sinkhole, a plastics factory, a Gothic church and other acoustically rich areas in Missouri. These communal efforts and soundscape feedbacks were produced between 1975 and 1996, and freely orchestrate Tesla coll, river whirlpools, bass clarinet, dog-whistle, violin, oscillator, bassoon, CB radio and pipe organ'

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