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Anacrusa - 1978 - El Sacrificio

El Sacrificio

01. El Pozo De Los Vientos - 3:10
02. El Sacrificio - 3:17
03. Sol De Fuego - 3:30
04. Quien Bien Quiere - 2:47
05. Homenaje A Waldo - 5:21
06. Los Capiangos - 5:18
07. Tema De Anacrusa - 13:06
08. Los Capiangos (reprise - CD only) - 5:22

José Luis Castiñeira de Dios Musical Director
Susana Lago - Voice and Keyboards
Julio Pardo - flute
Bruno Pizzamiglio - oboe
Daniel Sbarra (Abuelo Et Nada) - guitars
Jorge Trasante - Drums and percusion
Juan Mosalini - gaita
Phillipe Pages - keyboards

Review by Progshine
01. El Pozo De Los Vientos And here I am again, writing reviews, it is a natural and 'tasty' thing for me. Then I use the space given up by the Museo to recommence even if it is sporadically my texts, and do not be frightened if same they will be in the
Anacrusa, recently I discovered a series of Argentinian sensational directions, and definitely this album it's one of the grateful surprises. The track of opening brings the mixture of the regional percussion, with an interesting fold of violin and guitar. Saxophones also bewitch the ears to finish an opening corretíssima.

02. El Sacrifice El Sacrifice, the second track, brings the vocal ardent ones and full ones of feeling of Susana Lago, accompanied by much near to the enigmatic guitar, melodic and full of feeling of Daniel Sbarra. Julio Pardo responsible for the flute, enters on the stage with the best melody, and next to present guitar is always the arrangement of José Luis Castiñeira de Dios for the ropes, again the symphonic of triumphant way ' wins the day '. I liked Susana's, somewhat desperate voice.

03. Sol Del Fuego Phillipe Pages begins the track, a creeping, quick piano, and the most curious thing enclosed of the percussões that the one who lives in the south is so used, the traditionalistic music of the South of the brasil drank very much on Argentinian air of the pampas. For the one who never heard anything, it is worthwhile to pay attention in a known name from Rio Grande do Sul, hear and understand Renato Borghetti a little in the site of face, brilliant one!

04. Quien Bien Quiere Vocal more calm, sentimentalistas, looking at the musical horizon opened for new commissions and new sounds, and the band accompanies everything of magisterial form, orchestration and great regionalism mingled with the secular music. When the battery of Jorge Trasante brings near the music gained air of Kashmir (Led Zeppelin) for a short period.

05. Homenaje A Waldo Soon the fifth track of the album takes care of ours hearts, and the piano captained by Phillipe if it annexes to the violin, to the oboe of Bruno Pizzamiglio and the percussion, calm, thoughtful and free of cruelties, at least temporarily. At the moment ' Astor Piazzolla ' of the music Juan Mosalini it commands the harmonica (when what takes the melody still more deep inside our souls was also known as an accordion this way). From the room minute is that the musical seizure progressive air, soon 'permeating' inside the Tango.

06. Los Capiangos The feeling of the previous track is still this way, but with the percussion taking a place of distinction near the piano and flute. One of the principal points of the album, is that the guitar, out of the blue, suddenly, it enters and changes the sound, not interfering in the melody, but yes transforming it in subjective way, inclusive with a small passage of synthesizer decorating the sound.

07. Tema De Anacrusa The epic poet of the album begins hard work, not in the sense 'rock', and yes the weight of the serious one, with the orchestra giving a touch still more mysterious and passionate. The track takes his progress for several times bad-tempered owing to the necessary action. Beginning of the second minute, flutes, orchestrates still more complex, and a delicious ground of oboe, musicality on the surface of the skin and a naturalness completely different from everything who is heard normally in our so loved symphonic discs, sometimes the simple fact of changing of air is enriquecedor and restorative. Entrancing, simple, so calm and comfortable in his central subject. Extremely passionate, enchanting, and a food for soul that needs calm and inner peace, is a call to heart, a subject almost jazz. The vocalization soon after in the ninth minute of music comes together with a cutting melody and saudosista, for times crazy in his essence, however, with the purity of the gods. And the disc would finish in the form fascinating, fully of courage and energy, arrivals of the new subject. The orchestra again gives great strength to the subject, in the final minute the guitar reappears to leave the rails of smoke again at his places. And so it would finish an excellent disc!

08. Los Capiangos (bonus) However, there is a subject bonus, which I do not know for certain from which carving it went out, I know that the carving is of 1975, however I do not know for certain if the track is an occasional carving or a surplus of the previous disc. With serious bass and a certain sadness to track he is a good extra, with flutes and piano holding the rhythm, while the synthesizer works well sewing melodies.

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