Sunday, January 10, 2016

Anacrusa - 1974 - Anacrusa 2

Anacrusa 2

01. Río Manzanares (3:06)
02. Coplas de Cundinamarca (3:09)
03. Polo coriano (2:35)
04. Palmero (3:25)
05. Zamba de la despedida (4:44)
06. Homenaje (4:06)
07. Saqué mi corazón de la tierra quemada (5:07)
08. Calfucurá (7:01)

- Susana Lago / vocals, piano, organ
- Julio Pardo / flute, clarinet
- Ruben Izaurralde / flute, vocals
- Alex Oliva / guitar, bass guitar
- Josè Luis Castineira De Dios / bass, vibraphone, guitar
- Elias Heger / drums

Second offering from this Argentinian Folk Rock group,simply entitled ''Anacrusa II'', just a year after their self-titled debut.This time leaders Josè Luis Castineira De Dios and Susana Lago have shortened the line-up to a sextet and try to sound a little more closer to rock music.
Side A opens with a couple of tracks close to Latin Folk with dominant flutes and acoustic guitars and Susana Lago delivering some of his best vocal harmonies.''Polo coriano'' is a Symphonic Folk instrumental number with nice piano and flutes,leaning to pure Folk towards the end.With ''Palmero'' Anacrusa get back to their Folk side.Flute work byJulio Pardo is again excellent and the classical guitar of Castineira is lovely,not to mention the excellency of Lago's voice again.''Zamba de la Despedida'' is a nice instrumental Symphonic piece with a mellow atmosphere,featuring good organ,piano and flutes and a sign of the band switching to a more adventurous style.

Side B opens with ''Homenaje'',an acoustic crescendo of Castineira with Pardo's flutes supporting and Lago on an orgasmic, almost operatic performance.''Saqué Mi Corazón de la Tierra Quemada'' is a soft, pastoral instrumental mini-Symphony with a dreamy atmosphere,based on piano and flutes,but with strong bass work as well.The longest track of the album ''Calfucura'' (and the closing one as well) shows much more intensity.This is again a piece of Symphonic Folk with good interplays between keys,flutes,guitars and the rhythm section,Classical-influenced parts and a generally captivating sound with strong performance by the mass of the musicians partcipating.

''Anacrusa II'' was a good forward step for the band,which started to flirt with symphonic arrangements and to sound really interesting.The album has a very soft atmosphere though,but it is played with a definite rock attitude.Recommended to both Symphonic and Folk Prog fans.

By the way.. If anyone out there has a copy of Anacrusa III for us.. that would be really appreciated!