Sunday, January 10, 2016

Amphyrite - 1973 - Amphyrite


01. Oasis Boogie    5:40
02. Moppie    4:35
03. Guinche    9:06
04. Bric A Brac    4:40
05. Euquimod    4:00
06. Folie Folll    5:10
07. Symphonie Pour 3 Oeufs Brouillés    3:29

Bass Guitar – Bernard Farant
Drums – Christian Copier
Guitar – Guy Descombes

Great lost French psychedelic acid fuzz gem.Totally instrumental includes strange complex compositions with great guitarwork and the much recognisable "basement sound" of fuzzy acidic guitar in the vein of Freidhof and Grave. In some parts reminds me of Silberbart or the heaviest moments of Guru Guru. Released in 1973 in 200 copies and reissued in 2002 in 500 copies. Of course both releases are long deleted.
The very rare original-LP was released 1973 in France on a small and unknown label without much attention to the public. Progressive hardrock as it was untypically for French bands of this period. Three boys playing guitar, bass and drums with basement feeling, like Friedhof or Grave but with psych-influences.
The French trio Amphyrite was from Villefranche-sur-Saône, a town close to Lyon. They played an entirely instrumental progressive rock with electric guitar, bass, and drums, which reminds a bit of the early Guru Guru. Their sound, not calm and contemplative like Ash Ra Tempel, is in a constant flickering movement. Their one and only LP "Amphyrite" (Les Disques Le Maintec Bernard KO/750707) was released in 200 copies on a very small label in 1973. Today the LP has a collectors' value of 1000 €. Hans Pokora lists it with the highest possible rating of six units.



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